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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Best Of Me” - MANSA

Manipulation is a cruel thing, but it makes for an insane inspiration for a song! MANSA, an up-and-coming musician from Singapore, recently released a song about just that! “Best Of Me” is an insanely energetic and electric hit about rejecting the manipulations of a man who makes you feel inferior. I don’t usually listen to electro-pop, but I enjoyed this song! I think MANSA wrote some great lyrics with a lot of truth to them. I particularly like the lyric, “I’ll forgive and I’ll forget it / Don’t need you’re attention / I won’t let you get the best of me.” It’s empowering, I really liked these lyrics.

“Best Of Me,” as I described it earlier, is an electro-pop style song. I noticed that MANSA used a plethora of different synth techniques. I also liked how she had moments where we could listen to and appreciate her natural voice. Because when the chorus hits, MANSA’s voice transforms to this killer-sounding electric tone. I think this song is a great display of MANSA’s producing skills. “Best Of Me,” like most of her other songs, must have required much production work. It’s hard! But I think MANSA killed it, she does a great job with all of her songs.

MANSA is a 20-year-old DJ and Producer from Singapore. In 2020, she made her music debut by releasing her first single, “Just a Dream.” Since then, she has released over 20 more singles, her most popular being “Best of Me” and “Back To You.” She also made a collaboration track with Xander Jones titled “Not Enough,” which has amassed over 100,000 streams. In just these past few years, MANSA has gained almost 50,000 on her own. If you enjoyed “Best of Me,” go check out her most recently released track, “Knee Deep!” I most certainly did!

Written By Isabel Mays



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