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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Better Alone" - Dylan Dunlap

Dylan Dunlap shows that there is comfort and healing in solitude with his new single, "Better Alone." The track explores Dunlap's personal experiences and how he self-isolated last year to take time to heal from his pain. Through doing this, he found strength in solace and feels that it's better to make sure you're in a good place before taking on the world again. "Better Alone" is a relatable track and many of us can empathize with Dunlap's journey. The song features a similar theme to his previous single, "Right." Both songs will be featured on Dunlap's upcoming EP, When You're Feeling Blue.

"Better Alone" is hauntingly beautiful, featuring raw vocals and vulnerable lyrics. The track evokes melancholy feelings as Dunlap belts out his heartache. Dunlap's emotionally charged vocals are supported by rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming and an evocative slide guitar. Though the mood in "Better Alone" feels glum, there's a twist of hope present as Dunlap delivers the chorus and ascends melodically on the lines "I can feel me in a hurry/I can heal me through the hurting." This single is truly moving and would be a cathartic listen for anyone working on healing from a painful experience.

Dylan Dunlap is a Los Angeles native singer-songwriter worthy of being on any pop enthusiast's radar. He captivates audiences by creating lush blends of pop, folk, and electronic music. His music would resonate well with fans of Mumford & Sons and Coldplay—artists that influence his sound. An impressive popstar on the rise, Dunlap has enjoyed much streaming success. He has released hits like "If That's Alright" and "Who Would Have Thought." Dunlap has since signed with Nettwerk Music Group, releasing a pair of EPs—Soldier On in 2021 and Stranger's In My Head in 2022. He is also the founder of East Magnolia Records and Serotonin Sunday. Wearing his heart on his sleeve in his creations, Dunlap uses his platform and music to advocate for mental health awareness.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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