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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Better Care - Remix" - UNA MIA & LEKAN

            The remix of "Better Care" brings UNA MIA and Lekan into collaboration, after Lekan responded to an open verse challenge for the song posted on TikTok by UNA, to create a steamy and sensual song about wanting to better understand your partner. The ultimate song for people whose love language is acts of service. The lyrics open with “How can I take better care of you?” showcasing a want to please and be pleased. The song is smooth and slow, picking up tempo momentarily as we lead from the first bridge to verse and into the chorus. This seems to be intentional as lyrics like “Can you get here tonight? Let me know cause I’ve been craving your body since I saw you last night,” seem to demonstrate an almost impatient tone in the first half of the song. It sets the tone of anticipation as two lovers come together in intoxicating devotion to one another. Inequality does not exist here, only equal give and take between intimate partners intent on listening to each other's fantasies. It takes a certain level of vulnerability and authenticity to display this level of comfort with a partner and “Better Care” demonstrates that plunge into deeper intimacy perfectly in a slow-burn seduction.        

   The soft bass, melodic guitar, drums, keys, and sultry vocals layer atop one another to create an immersive and moody tone that encapsulates sensuality. UNA’s higher register is ethereal and grounded by the rich, deep, baritone of Lekan to create a perfect blend of seductive energy that is raw and intimate. The two are harmonious as they depict the picture of intentional and devotional service that is liberating and opens the floor for one’s authentic self. Both UNA MIA and Lekan agree that “Better Care” is an intimate song about how intentional actions and consent relate to self-pleasure and the pleasure of one’s partner. “Better Care” is reminiscent of the late 90s and early 2000s era of R&B and artists like Sabrina Claudio with its slow and sensual beat that elicits deep, romantic, intimacy and infatuation with your lover.

Canadian artist UNA MIA is a classically trained vocalist, who spent much of her youth performing in theater and opera competitions. UNA credits musical influences like Etta James, Aretha Franklin, and Ray Charles to name a few in shaping her musical journey. Her debut EP single “Lose You” marks the beginning of an era for the young artist who brings a refreshing softness and vulnerability while navigating the complexities of womanhood, autonomy, and the fears that can surround the mysteries of what the future holds. Catch her as a supporting artist on the 5-date European tour of Spanish R&B artist Eva Ruiz this summer starting May.

Ohio native, Lekan is an American R&B singer and songwriter on Spotify’s 2024 R&B Artists to Watch list. Lekan names artists like Marvin Gaye, D’Angelo, and The Weeknd as musical influences that have shaped his music. A musician, Lekan uses the knowledge he gained playing the drums, piano, and violin to blend vocals and instrumentals seamlessly and with intention. Featured on “Blue Eyes” by Vic Mensa, Lekan showcases his ability to blend his baritone vocals seamlessly with other artists during his debut TV performance on The Tamron Hall Show in 2023.

You can follow and listen to UNA MIA and Lekan at the links provided below.



Written By Joselyn Jimenez




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