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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Better" - Gali Givon

It's a process to know what we need. We grow up being told what to do and expect, and most of the time, we might not even think it's right -- but what path do you go down if you don't know another way exists? Learning from our own experiences, aiming for self-improvement, and being empowered instead of being doubtful of our choices, "Better" by Gali Givon shows her realization of knowing that she's the one who knows best. The track is liberating, choosing to release a personal process through an alt-pop sound. Gali Givon takes this song and proves that she is strong and not afraid to show it.

Bold, heavy, and raw -- all perfect ways to describe Gali Givon's newest single, "Better" an alt-pop track that screams vulnerability and empowerment about understanding that we're the only ones we should be listening to. Givon gets us feeling better with "Better" enrapturing our senses with a heavy guitar-driven track paired with her gorgeous vocals and bass. She sings, "I know better, better/Than I did before" showing her progress on her journey of self-improvement, knowing that we have to fall before we learn how to get up because she "learned her lesson when I let you in". She's bringing us along on her challenging path of self-improvement and lets this song act as inspiration for listeners who are walking right beside her.

A rock'n'roll lover, a fiery singer/songwriter, and the first international artist signed to Universal Israel -- Gali Givon is captivating and someone to watch out for in the music scene. The Israeli artist takes inspiration from rock legends such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and so many more. She's been raised into rock music, starting with classic rock because of her parents but gravitating towards grunge and metal as she grew and dealt with what the world threw her way. She returned with her newest single, "Better" on July 28th. Still, even before then, the singer has shown her immense talent, challenging heavy percussion tracks with her single, "Scared" and other songs like "Lolita" and "Show Me Love" all of which are uniquely stunning--but you'll have to check it out for yourself.

Written by Jane Katryn



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