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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Better Luck Next Time" - Maya Yenn

“Better Luck Next Time” is a dark and moody alternative pop song about a young man who’s chosen to prioritize his career over everything else. Sometimes, it’s hard to stop taking work home. It’s hard to prioritize yourself over simply being a cog within the machine. Burnout is always tough and the sense of FOMO cannot be helped. And when you’re so used to this routine of constantly doing work work work, it’s difficult to sit down and take a breath on your own time, not just the business time.

The soundscaping of this song is absolutely immaculate and mesmerizing, swelling from haunting and moody to cheerful and bright. The song sets the scene during a plane crash as our protagonist attempts to finish his report with billowing smoke and a punctured lung. She effortlessly blends business jargon into a narrative. Additionally, Yenn decides to blend interesting production choices with pop and a hint of jazz, emphasizing her lyrical storytelling on humankind’s tendency of obsession and how this self-destructive behavior is ironically funny and a terrifying hint of a potential future.

Maya Yenn is a UK independent producer, singer, and songwriter who’s determined to place her unique sound of feathery and gossamer vocals within the moody R&B scene. Her lyrics often feature dark lyrics and narratives around themes like anxiety and nightmares. While taking some inspiration from the upbeat pop-sound of bands like Glass Animals and blending it with innovators like FKA twigs and BANKS, Yenn crafts her own unique brand of glassine dark-pop. Yenn’s writing and arrangements are hauntingly thoughtful, and it’s exciting to see where her work will take her.

Written By Megan Cao



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