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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: "Better Than Home" - Taylor Roche

Photo Credit: Mckenzie Comer

Do you ever feel a little stir-crazy when you haven't left the house in a while? During the pandemic, this feeling was universal and the vocalist, Taylor Roche, explores it beautifully in his new indie pop track. The single describes being tired of the same mundane daily life of the quarantine and wanting the freedom of finally being able to leave the house and go anywhere. The lyrics detail how any place would be better than staying at home, which was a relatable sentiment at the end of quarantine. The feeling of wanting to be released from the shackles that keep the singer home is complemented by the catchy and chill pop melody.

The song begins with relaxed guitars and gorgeous synths. Roche's smooth voice soon joins the instrumental as he sings about the highs and lows of being stuck at home. As the chorus starts, the musician is joined by layered and stunningly harmonized vocals as the melody quickens. The bridge becomes a stand-out moment with the layers of vocals that are passionately harmonized together to sing, “Oh”. The instrumental as the singer repeats that “oh” is amazing and has a loose new wave vibe. The track finishes as Roche reiterates wanting to be anywhere and being lost with his newfound freedom. Overall, this is a relatable hit with great lyricism and a phenomenal melody.

Taylor Roche is a singer/songwriter from Auckland New Zealand. He is inspired by his favorite artists such as Troy Sivan, Bazzi, and Jeremy Zucker. The songwriter released his debut single titled, “This Love Song”. Since his first song, he has released multiple fun indie tracks. This musician has gained a large following since his debut. The singer has over 83K followers on TikTok through his funny and musical short videos, being titled, “3rd Most Viewed NZ Artist” on TikTok. Roche has gained this huge audience in less than a year, which has helped him connect with over 12,000 monthly listeners on Spotify as an indie artist.

Written By Stephanie Berning


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