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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "BFF" - Hannah Trigwell

A tried and true heartbreak anthem, “BFF” is not about piney feelings over an ex. In her latest release, Hannah Trigwell gets mournfully nostalgic over an old best friend. Music often details the emotional turmoil of the demise of a romantic entanglement, yet generally avoids the uniquely crushing experience of growing apart from your favorite person. Not only does the artist perfectly paint the pain of this devastation, but she also captures the essence of the realization of growing older.

The solo minor scaled piano opening coupled with Hannah’s low intensity, anguish-filled vocals soulfully sets the mood for the sorrowful song. Though the power of her voice and the production increases through the progression of the verses, the overall faintness of noise surrounding her voice compliments the theme well. A bittersweet music video accompanies the song, providing a quirky yet weighty insight into the psyche of the lyrics.

From busking in Leeds to sold-out tours, Hannah Trigwell has made her artistic impression on the musical community. The UK native has yielded over 150 million YouTube views and maintains an ever-growing online fanbase of 800,000+ listeners. Being just 17 at the emergence of her career, she's accomplished a slew of achievements in the past decade, including having a number 1 charting single and performing on a sold-out tour. Her raw-emotioned, relatable writing fused with her musical talent makes her an artist worth taking note of.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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