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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Big Bad Mess" - Jason Myles

Some people are the cause of all our problems. Some people just aren't who they seem to be. Every problem seems to come back to one person and you learn the truth about your partner. At what point do you call it quits? When you’ve had enough what do you say? Big Bad Mess is a pretty good place to start. The track by Jason Myles says everything one would want to say to that constant pain in your side. Big Bad Mess gets it all off your chest and then some.

The track begins with a bang. The vocals come in abruptly accompanied by the steady pace of the instrumental. The pressure builds in the background as we gain momentum for the chorus. The chorus breaks and Myles's vocals have a power behind them that is enhanced by the intensity of the upbeat instrumental. The lyrics feature a collection of similes that describe the partner Jason Myles is gearing up to leave. The record is upbeat and utilizes a melodic EDM instrumental that ties together the emotions of the song. It's all impactful and gives the sense that Jason is fed up with his lying partner. Big Bad Mess is a breakup track that places power in the hands of the person who was hurt. Jason was the one being hurt by his partner and instead of being in pain he stands strong and leaves this person with nothing but the understanding that they are the problem.

Jason Myles is an Australian-born singer-songwriter. At a young age, he discovered a love for music and quickly began writing songs. By age 13 Jason was in his garage writing and recording songs constantly developing his sound. Today Jason has shared his talent with the world and we thank him for it. Each track has a different taste of a genre you wouldn't expect. He draws inspiration from many different areas of music. Crossing paths with anyone from NF to Elvis Presley in his library no one sound can define what Jason Myles does as an artist. He is unique in his sound and continues to be himself with both lyrics and instrumentals.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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