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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Big Enough" - Estella Dawn

Estella Dawn never fails to provide her listeners with captivating pop productions and relatable lyrics. “Big Enough” eloquently shares the feeling of freedom after escaping a toxic relationship. Anyone who has listened to the artist for a while knows her previous tracks explore her experience while in this unhealthy relationship. Now, the singer bares her teeth and fights back. She is no longer allowing herself to be treated poorly and is rejoicing in her new-found freedom. In the chorus, she sings the powerful hook: “Want me to crawl back// No way, no way// I hope you choke on me// Am I big enough now?” With these lyrics, Dawn shows her former partner just how strong she is. She is not the weak pushover they once thought she was, but instead a force to be reckoned with. The artist has a creative way with words that simultaneously showcases her class and her sass. Dawn is an undeniable triple-threat, leaving me in awe once again of her outstanding talent.


Dawn is known for her innate ability to effortlessly blend multiple genres to create one cohesive and captivating sound. “Big Enough” contains elements of R&B, Pop & Hip-Hop. The lively soundscape is reminiscent of pop legends such as Sia, Tove LO, and BANKS. Paired with Dawn’s unique and beautiful voice, the song naturally replays in the listener’s mind, keeping them coming back for more. The track kicks off with deep synth sounds that are quickly met with stunning vocalizations. This immediately reels the audience in, mesmerizing them from the very first notes. After a few measures, the verse begins as her sultry voice guides the listener with a steady beat in the background. In the pre-chorus, Dawn showcases her impeccable vocal range while layered effects emphasize her voice. While many of her previous tracks wait until the bridge or outro to display this talent, “Big Enough” showcases it early. Perhaps this is the singer’s way of showing that she is in fact big enough. Dawn’s unique and powerful voice is what makes her stand out, letting her shine bright and prove her undeniable talent.

Estella Dawn is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from New Zealand, now based in San Diego. Her music does not stick to one style but rather mixes the sounds of multiple genres to create her own unique sound. In 2018, she made her debut with her first single, “Feet". She released several singles leading up to the onset of the global pandemic. During quarantine, she took the time to hone in on her sound and capture her true essence within her music. That year she released 10 original singles every six weeks, defining her impeccable ability to keep audiences engaged with anticipation of her next masterpiece. Since then, Dawn has released several more incredible singles, and she continues to release music that reels hundreds of thousands of listeners. Her creativity shines through every single one of her releases and she shows absolutely no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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