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  • Magen Zeng

Review: "big girl now" - Kaitlin Stark

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? Kaitlin Stark’s “big girl now” is a trip down memory lane for any one who wants to reminisce about their childhood. Life passes by so fast, and we don’t get a chance to slow down and appreciate how far we’ve come. Changes can happen in the snap of a finger, and sometimes that time when you were a kid feels like a completely different lifetime. Being a kid was a lot easier than being a grown-up, that's for sure, and Stark puts all of our unspoken feelings into this bittersweet ballad.

As soon as the song starts, we get transported back into our childhoods and witness the magic slipping through our fingers. What used to be such simple joys in life has become something to be ashamed of. The chorus is a wake up call. Life may be hard, and life may be a “goddamn mess,” but we survive. The song moves on and talks about how we are constantly walking on eggshells because anyone and everyone is affected by what we say. The chorus repeats twice and sandwiches a verse that highlights the grim direction life is heading. The song ends with a simple plea to return to a simpler time. 

Singer-songwriter, Kaitlin Stark, is an emerging artist who already has thousands of supporters only having released music this year. Stark’s ability to connect with her audience through introspective lyrics is apparent in all of her music. Kaitlin Stark’s journey has just begun and we can’t wait for her to continue exploring her voice and storytelling through her music. 

Written By Magen Zeng


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