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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Billy" - Daniel Herr

“Billy” by Daniel Herr is an emotional ballad about a little boy who dreams of being a ballerina. When we are young, some of us have dreams of being the president, or an astronaut; some kids dream of fitting in, and some dare to stand out. We can tell that Billy was special from an early age, and sadly other kids don’t like to let others shine. Life as an adolescent can be such an enigma. In the walls of our bedroom, we feel free and envision ourselves dancing across a Broadway Stage; our parents sit in the living room with beaming smiles as we do the same routine over and over. Then, we get to school and are harassed and beaten down for the same thing we are celebrated for at home. It’s not a coincidence that the one thing we get torn down for is the one thing that brings us back to life. People, adults and kids, who don’t have a passion or deep love for something will try their damndest to make you lose your zest and talent. Jealousy is truly a disease, and these bullies wish so bad to have an ounce of the confidence we exude, so instead of working hard and finding their thing, they’d rather sit back and laugh to mask their deep insecurities. As hard as it may seem to fight through the laughs, the pain, and the hurt, we can not let the outside noise drown out our inner-monologue. We must stand tall, and proud, and remind ourselves the only voices that matter is that of ourself and the people who support us. We will have the last laugh one day, and so will Billy, when they announce his name and he takes the stage by storm, and the world knows him by name and embraces him for all he is.

Daniel Herr is an incredible, chilling storyteller. This song plays like a movie in your mind. You can feel the emotion and depth from the moment this song begins to much later because it’s the type of music that sticks with you. It’s the type of music that makes you want to jump through your phone, find Billy, and give him a hug and support. “Billy” is such an important message that is crucial for the world to hear. We just celebrate each other and each others’ differences. The world would be a much better place if people had Daniel Herr’s open heart and outlook on life.

Daniel Herr is an American singer/songwriter who was raised in Paris. He has an angelic, calming voice, and he sang lead vocals in the contemporary worship band of the American Church in France which greatly inspired him to begin songwriting. Daniel even taught himself how to play guitar and piano. He returned to the United States to chase his dreams of writing and recording music, and was signed within a year. Daniel has a deep soul and a unique perspective on the world, and with songs like “Billy”, he is going to change the world one song at a time.

Written By Grace Chapman

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