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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "blank slate" - Headrush

Wake up, drink coffee. Go to work, drink coffee. Get stuck at work, drink coffee. Attend classes, drink coffee. Entertain a second job, drink coffee. Do homework, drink coffee. Bedtime headaches, drink coffee. Fall asleep, dream of coffee. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if 7/11’s coffee was coursing through my veins. It’s been the only thing I’ve had to look forward to in a routine that’s become quite repetitive which makes Headrush’s “blank slate” a much-welcomed change.

Headrush’s “blank slate” is an indie rock single with a catchy pop melody that accurately captures the longing to break free from a mundane routine. As Headrush points out, this routine makes one feel like they’re “half asleep” – they’re merely just going through the motions. When going through these motions nothing is ever done with intention or passion; we’re putting on a performance because it’s expected of us, and ends need to be met. That’s why the idea of a blank slate, where we’re “free” to do as we please to contrast this monotonous routine is very appealing. However, I, like others, can’t afford to break free right now. We’re “stuck inside [this] chapter” until we have the means to move beyond this cycle. But I can certainly “dream” of freedom in the meantime while listening to bedroom bops like this one. And it’s enough to tide me over for now.

Headrush, better known as Jack Warren, is a multitalented artist from Massachusetts. This single is the singer, songwriter, instrumentalist, and producer’s seventh song to be released. Earlier singles that listeners should check out are “not my job”, “Reckless”, “Wallflower”, “Surreal”, “Green Embers”, and “See You Soon”. Warren’s discography demonstrates the stronghold he’s got on carefree, summertime vibes. So, if you need a cure for summer blues or a temporary break from your daily routine, give Jack some virtual love in the form of streams.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille



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