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  • Conner Pettit

Review: "Bleach (Move On)” - Cash Cash

We all attempt to wash away, clean (even bleach) the metaphorical t-shirt stains we accumulate through life—erasing the bad and highlighting the good. In Cash Cash’s new song “Bleach (Move On)”, they speak to this desire—wanting to start fresh. The group writes “your mind can’t stop and the thrills won’t set you free”, a confronting realization many will experience, knowing distractions and vices cannot remove something permanently. I think many will relate to diluting certain feelings, pushing out painful memories, and erasing our personal thoughts to, essentially, “bleach our minds.”

Beginning with a trippy, xylophone-sounding melody and muted guitar strumming, the song makes me think of an 80s/90s TV Show intro (e,g Full House), containing a distinct melancholic and introspective feel. As the song progresses, Jean’s voice reminds me of “The Astronomers”, containing a flavor of pop with a gritty yet dynamic quality. The pre-chorus then slows down, featuring just his voice and an organ-sounding soundscape, almost like he’s talking to himself (and the listeners), to, in essence, let go of the past. Featuring electronic hits and summer-like melodies, the chorus break becomes more energetic, providing nice engagement for the listener. I really appreciated how, even with changes in energy, the electronic elements (drums, etc.) still felt somber, enhancing the song’s innate message of letting go.

Raised in New Jersey, the three-member electronica group (Jean, Alex, and Samuel) began releasing digitally-inspired music in 2009, submitting their first EP, “The Beat Goes On” in 2012, and second EP, “Overtime”, a year later. Featuring Kygo-like, anthemic chorus breaks, upbeat singer-songwriter ballads, video game production elements, and remixes of classic songs, the trio adds an experimental and playful energy to all their music. Having signed to Ultra Records, they have already amassed 4.5M monthly listeners on Spotify and 780K subscribers on YouTube—following a catalog of successful singles. From the song “Take Me Home (ft. Bebe Rexha)” to “All My Love (ft. Conor Maynard)”, their songs have been RIAA platinum/gold certified, each surpassing 100M streams on Spotify and YouTube. I’ve been playing their remix of AJR’s “Way Less Sad” on repeat, amazed at how seamless and poignant they can mold tracks to become. And, despite their climb to commercial success, I think the energy they infuse into their music and their experimental risk-taking will help them continue growing!

Written By: Conner Pettit



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