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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "BLEED" - ISA

"BLEED" is an R&B track off up-and-coming pop artist ISA's most recent EP. This song is incredibly catchy; just after one listen, I was humming along with this fun track. I personally love this track; there are so many cool influences incorporated. The production is smooth and unique compared to other songs I hear regularly. ISA's vocals are also something I need to touch on; I am always partial to lower-register female voices, and hers is perfect. This song will have you listening to it on repeat and not even getting tired of it.

I find myself hearing some early to mid-2000s influences in this track, and it is so addictive to listen to. This song sings about love and relationships. Someone leaves you thinking that you are going to be heartbroken, but it ends up being the other way around. Because you have accepted who you are, whether it is good or not. The lyric "I touch a rose, it ends up dead" really depicts that. You have a one-up on the person, and that is your self-awareness.

ISA is a Swedish 24-year-old singer, songwriter, and producer. She has been releasing her music since 2012, making her a true pioneer. In 2015, she released her platinum single, "Don't Stop." She has cited Blink-182 and Eminem as some of her influences for her most recent EP, Anxiety Boulevard. She has an impressive 61,000 monthly Spotify listeners, cementing her legacy and talents. The artist has toured Sweden frequently over the years and has been known for her brilliant stage presence.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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