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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "Blood Orange Wine" - Stela Cole

Stela Cole returns to music with her new single “Blood Orange Wine.” With a song that explains “the adrenaline wearing off after being emotionally yanked around by a person [Cole] loved,” listeners can relate this to their own life, whether romantic or platonic love. An upbeat indie song, Cole’s vocals are deep and rich. The production behind the vocals is groovy, leaving listeners wanting to dance. While Cole writes about the heartbreak of being pulled in two by someone she loves, there’s a danceable beat behind it, having listeners leave their tears on the dance floor. While dancing may be a good distraction from heartbreak, like blood orange wine, Cole has learned that “time is the only thing that truly heals.”

I loved the production of this single. It reminds me a lot of “Froot” by Marina from her third album, which I loved. I also love how I can feel the retro influences on the track. “Blood Orange Wine” is groovy, one of those songs you want to dance to no matter where you are, even when you’re in class working on an assignment and your professor tells you to lower your volume (not speaking from personal experience or anything…). Also, Cole’s vocals have deeply enriched the track, making the song meld together perfectly. Using the idea of trying to get a distraction from something that can only distract you for a little bit is something that almost everyone can relate to. It’s the dark hole we can fall into after losing something important in our lives, and for Cole, that’s blood orange wine.

Stela Cole is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. With muses new and old, such as The Artic Monkeys and Fleetwood Mac, Cole creates a meticulous sound to fit her genre of music, leading to songs inspired by the greats that are great to listen to. With “Blood Orange Wine” being the last in a trilogy of singles released by Cole, the conclusion of the era of her life “soundtracked by Electric Light Orchestra and Fleetwood Mac,” as Cole has defined this era of her life, is coming to a close. Other singles such as “Die Hard” and “Midnight Killer” also define this era, and fans are waiting for more. Follow Stela Cole below to keep updated on when she releases new music.

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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