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  • Alexa Leung

Review: "Blueberry Season" - Cate Tomlinson

There’s really nothing out there that feels more forlorn than the winding end of summer, when the days become shorter and the nights suddenly have a biting chill as August gently creeps into September. Cate Tomlinson captures these subtle seasonal changes in the context of a slowly dying relationship in her latest single “Blueberry Season.” It’s somber and soft, transformative, both sonically and lyrically; it encapsulates that melancholy we all feel near the end of summer (or the end of a relationship) as the world slowly shifts its balance from one season to another.

“Blueberry Season” is all softness; its soundscape is made of a collection of piano, strings, synth and percussion, as well as Tomlinson’s graceful vocals, to form a delicate song with a strong backbone. There is a distinct ebb and flow to each chorus and verse, meant to simulate the changing of seasons: as summer slows and blueberry season ends and wilts, autumn grows on the horizon with each chorus. “Blueberry Season” personifies seasonal changes not only through the song’s instrumentals but also through its lyrics. Tomlinson sings, “I wanna leave him/But I’m gonna stay until the end,” in reference to a partner who had treated the narrator poorly; the usage of “blueberry season” is a signifier for this partner being unchangeable and constant, as Tomlinson also sings that “Yeah, I can fix myself/But you’ll go on to ruin someone else.” “Blueberry Season” is both rebirth and stagnation; a new season also means the death of the last, captured through a dying relationship and the strength to move on, but some things will always remain the same and come every year, like blueberry season.

Cate Tomlinson is a self-made 22-year-old singer-songwriter from San Francisco, though she is now based out of Los Angeles. Inspired by genres such as pop, soul, and rock and roll, Tomlinson’s inspiration is reflected back in the music she produces, as her songs are a blend of electronic and rock, as well as alternative pop. Her first single, “Muse” was released back in 2020, as well as her first EP, “Missing.” Her 2022 singles “notes app apology” and “hurt you” earned her producing credits and laid the baseline for her current music style. “Blueberry Season” is Tomlinson’s most recent single and is the title track for her upcoming EP, releasing August 25th. I’d encourage everyone to listen to "Blueberry Season" with a big bowl of blueberries, or something equally as sweet as they are sour, and marvel at Tomlinson’s excellent songwriting.

Written By Alexa Leung



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