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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Body Double" - Erica Manzoli

Erica Manzoli exposes her ex-boyfriend and his new girl in her cheeky new single, “Body Double.” The fiery alt-pop track details the suspicious manner in which her ex moved on. Although still mending her broken heart, Manzoli cannot help but notice the uncanny similarities between herself and this other woman. In the verse, she tells her ex-boyfriend that he is more than welcome to replace her, “but honey don’t do it like that.” Throughout the track, she points out the blatant parallels between the two of them and how her ex-boyfriend’s moving-on strategy is slightly unnerving. Not only are their physical features nearly exact copies, but her replacement is also a singer. In the chorus, she ties together her thoughts with the witty lyrics: “It’s funny to see// How similarly// Your latest lover// She looks just like me// And when you close your eyes// Am I on your mind?// How can you recover// With my body double?” Manzoli shows the audience that she is amused by her former lover’s rebound choice. She is left wondering if him choosing her doppelgänger was merely a subconscious decision to keep her on his mind. With the clever, yet humorous lyrics, “Body Double” is an unforgettable track that showcases Manzoli’s impeccable songwriting talent.

“Body Double” has a unique sound that immediately catches the listener’s attention from the first note and keeps them captivated until the very end. The song begins with a mellow guitar riff and a steady tambourine that is reminiscent of the dreamy 1950s style. The guitar utilizes a heavy vibrato effect that makes each note pulse quickly. This production continues into the verse, where Manzoli’s compelling voice beautifully matches the retro atmosphere. In the second half of the verse, this element is further enhanced by the haunting vocal harmonies and echoes. When the chorus hits, the song takes a complete turn and morphs into a modern-day pop-rock anthem. The guitar and drums intensify paired with heavy distortion that hits with each lyric, bringing a stronger emphasis to every word. The dream-like production returns in the second verse, complete with the vocal effects and the addition of muffled drums. Rather than switching back to the chorus, Manzoli effortlessly transitions from the verse to a unique bridge. The production is led by her powerful voice and a muted guitar that slowly builds to the final explosion into the last chorus. The chorus ends with Manzoli’s flawless falsettos and the intense full production, before mellowing to the outro. The song returns to the original retro guitar riff as the lyrics from the first verse are repeated and the song slowly fades out. “Body Double” was released completely independently, which further proves Manzoli’s unmistakable talent. Despite no label backing her, she has created a phenomenal track with a fiery production that deserves to top every chart.

Erica Manzoli is an independent alternative-pop singer-songwriter from Britain. In February 2022, she made her official music debut with her single, “My Best Friend Is My Therapist.” Two months later, she released her debut EP, I’m Okay, I Promise, which featured the lead single and three additional tracks. The EP was met with massive playlist support from Spotify and Apple Music. Additionally, this success led to a BBC Introducing live session and two sold-out London headlining shows. Since then, she has provided backing vocals on Cian DuCrot’s hit single, “I’ll Be Waiting,” which now has over 100 million streams. At the end of 2022, Manzoli earned the Yolanda Drake award for Best New Artist. Despite only a year since her initial release, she already has over 120,000 followers on TikTok and nearly 70,000 followers on Instagram and continues to grow her dedicated fanbase.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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