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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Bondi” - Quinn Karter

Expectations versus reality. It’s important to keep these in mind when making a big change in your life. For Quinn Karter, that big change occurred when she moved from Brissi, Australia, to Bondi. She even wrote and released a song about it! And I have to say, it’s such an interesting concept for a song as it transcends genres while at the same time delivering a powerful message. It works brilliantly, and in the end, Karter was able to release a song that not only delved into her ideas of what Bondi would be like compared to how it really was, but it does so in an electronic style that made me feel was listening to an upbeat song in a club. And did I mention that she wrote the song in a matter of hours? Well, it’s true, and the lyrics are very well written. “Thought I’d go to the beach by day, visit cute cafes. But it’s nothing like I thought it was,” and “Guy downstairs keeps hitting on my friends. Theres a girl doing lines on the bathroom sink,” are two lyrics that, I believe, were the most powerful to hear, as they really showed how different Karter’s expectations of Bondi were to the reality she learned of.

I don’t listen to a lot of electronic music, but if it’s anything like this song, I’ll have to start! Karter expertly combined the pop and electronic genres together, creating a song with catchy lyrics and an addicting beat. One small thing that I noticed that I really appreciated was how deeply she dropped her voice when singing the word “Bondi.” It was breathy, yet you could tell she got the power to force out the word from her gut. It was deep, quiet, yet powerful, and I love how this added to the song. There are some other small elements of the song that I thoroughly enjoyed. For one, toward the end of the song, during the chorus, you can hear faint giggles in the background. I just thought it was a cool addition, as well as the clapping in the background. It all worked together very well, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Karter has been active in the music industry since she was two years old when she was taught to play the piano and compose music. Karter discovered her love for electronic music when her mom, who was in school to get her master's in music technology, brought “Logic” home. Logic is a digital audio workstation. With this, Karter began producing and composing her own music by the age of 14. She eventually earned her diploma in Electronic Music Production from SAE. As of now, Quinn Karter regularly releases music that shows off her two “sides”. Some of her music will make you feel varying different emotions, while others - like “Bondi” - were deep hard hitters. Aside from “Bondi”, Karter also recently released her new song “Overdramatic”, and has supported trap producer, Quix, to create even more. I, for one, can’t wait to hear what she releases next.

Written By Isabel Mays



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