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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Borderline" - Kristina Rossi

The latest single by artist Kristina Rossi, “Borderline,” is an alt-pop track that really makes her stand out as an artist, from the lyrical content to the production style. The song is about trying to decide to leave a troubling relationship but staying stuck instead of moving on. While there is a lot of confusion within the song as to what to do, the song still shows a sense of strength and it’s what makes the song a tune of encouragement. This narrative of feeling conflicted perfectly matches the musical style of “Borderline” as the track has this dark ambiance to it. Rossi uses a lot of interesting elements to bring this song to life so well.

What immediately stands out in this sound is the production. The style choices for this song definitely paint some interesting scenes and make listeners feel emersed in the story. There’s something very unique about Rossi’s voice and keeps listeners mesmerized in the way it mixes so well with the song’s style. What’s enjoyable about the lyrical content is how they explore both the flaws of this relationship, as well as the addictive nature of it. The story being presented is one many can relate to, so it’s great to see Rossi put these emotions into words as it brings comfort to individuals in similar situations. “Borderline” by Kristina Rossi is certainly a song that makes Rossi stand out and keeps listeners excited to see what else she brings to the table.

Kristina Rossi is an artist based in California. She has previously attended the music school, LIMPI. She works as both a songwriter and producer and not only makes music for herself but has worked with other artists as well. “Borderline” is Rossi’s debut single, and it was entirely written and produced by Rossi herself. What makes Rossi stand out as an artist is that she is well versed in the different sides of putting a song together, she is able to bring detail most artists miss. Kristina Rossi is expected to release an EP titled “Rings of Saturn” later this year so stay tuned into Rossi’s musical journey.

Written By Chantal Charles


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