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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "Boring" - Allen Miller

Boring Allen Miller Cover Art

Speaking about what inspired “Boring”, Miller states “"Boring" is a song I wrote when I was in the midst of healing from a heart-shattering break up with a best friend turned situationship turned stranger.” This sentiment is certainly evident even in the first line of this song “I’m doing better, I promise.” With these words, the listener has found themselves in the trenches with Miller, and wanting to believe that he is, in fact, doing better since the aforementioned heart break. Miller continues relaying the tale of this “situationship”, as he described it - “I found myself at rock bottom, and then climbed back out.” We all as humans know how hard it is to find yourself at rock bottom and how it’s even harder climbing back out, for any reason. So, at this point, as the listener we’re rooting for Miller and his healing process.

“I’m boring without you.” Hearing the relationship that this song was inspired by definitely helps the listener to understand this line. Miller admits that it’s hard to imagine life without a best friend who was always there, no matter what. A best friend is someone who you tell everything to, who you want to tell everything to, your absolute person. A best friend is also someone you can vent to about failed relationships, but, in this case, Miller speaks about losing a two in one, or, rather, an everything in one. I’m often in the mindset that losing a friend hurts much worse than losing a partner, but to lose someone who was seen as both at once is indeed “heart shattering” as Miller stated when describing what he was going through when he wrote this song. Divulging more about how the song and its sound came about, Miller states “Sonically, it was inspired by 2000s pop rock, and it is lyrically akin to Taylor Swift or MUNA, equipped with a seismic bridge that will resonate with anyone who has grieved the loss of a best friend and a lover all in one.” I definitely both hear and feel the 2000s pop rock that Miller states this song is influenced by. Speaking about the process he’d gone through to heal after his situationship, Miller said “As much as I knew I needed to implement healthy habits in my life in an effort to pull myself out of the hole I'd found myself in, I resented the entire process.” It’s funny how doing what’s best for us sometimes doesn’t feel the best. It truly makes one wonder why we hate what’s good for us and love what’s bad. Why are we all living the same existence? “Being in love with you is worse than being alone.” I had a conversation with a friend before where I realized and disclosed that I've never been in a relationship that made me happier than being alone. A revelation that one doesn’t really know how to feel about. Miller puts the listener in all of their feels as well as taking on his feels with this heartfelt offering, rolled into a fun melodic beat.

Allen Miller is a singer and songwriter described as “a writer first and foremost”. His sound is described as consisting of “cutting, clever lyrics sitting atop production ranging from indie folk to big pop”. Allen enlists his musical endeavor as “telling compelling, authentic, interesting stories. Allen’s musical inspiration stems from artists such as boygenius, Harry Styles, MUNA, Taylor Swift, and The 1975. Allen’s online presence boasts 1,210 followers on Instagram, 686 monthly listeners on Spotify as well as over 1500 followers on Tik Tok. If you feel like your life was boring before you were introduced to Miller’s music and that you now can’t live without it, follow him at all of his socials below!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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