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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Boring People" - Sunny.

Sunny’s highly anticipated debut single has dropped, and it exceeds expectations. Their single, “Boring People”, is a gloomy ballad that tells the story of a specific type of heartbreak—One where everything changes in a moment and the breakup is inevitable. Melodie Wagner’s dreamy vocals take the listener on a nostalgic journey to the couple’s past, reminiscing on the times when everything was easier. She wishes they could go back to being “boring”, because “boring people don’t change”. Now, things are complicated, and they have problems. If they can just revert to how they were in the beginning, then maybe they can avoid the hard truth that the relationship has reached its end. This is an incredibly emotional and vulnerable song that moves listeners and highlights the complexity of ending a once loving relationship.

Sunny’s members have been writing songs together for over a decade, so it is no surprise that their debut single is emotionally charged and flawlessly crafted. After writing this song during lockdown, they realized their potential as co-writers. From that moment on, they knew that their songwriting can be very honest and vulnerable. That when they work together, they can let their emotions lead the way. “Boring People” is the perfect debut single for the duo because it highlights Melodie Wagner’s flawless voice and Ben Tan’s brilliant production. The musical composition is simple, yet elegant. A song of this subject does not need to have intense production, but rather it should have a calming element to compliment the vulnerable lyrics. “Boring People” is beautifully crafted to emphasize the remarkable talent of both members of Sunny.

Sunny is an Australian pop duo consisting of songwriters Melodie Wagner and Ben Tan. They split their time between London, Los Angeles, and Nashville. The duo has been writing together for over 10 years. They are both members of the Grammy-Nominated, international Christian worship band, Hillsong Young And Free. They are credited as songwriters on several different projects, showing off their versatility. Now they are ready to take on the world as their own artists, creating vulnerable music from the heart.

Written By Karlee Smith



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