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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "Borrowed Time" - Red Shakes

"Borrowed Time" by Red Shakes is an attention-grabbing indie-pop track. The short and sweet track wastes no time starting, immediately sounding off. The vocal delivery is certainly my favorite part of this song. Something about his voice just scratches parts of my brain that other voices cannot seem to reach. Sometimes you can hear the northern British accent peak through, and I enjoy it. I absolutely adore the retro twist this track has. It's something you don't hear done well often, but Red Shakes does it flawlessly.

This 60's inspired pop track reminds me a lot of The Beach Boys. The light and carefree vibes of this song make it a fantastic listen. Red Shakes has a remarkably unique voice that you just want to listen to on repeat. Something about this track also gives off the same vibes as the indie band Roar. This song is about accidentally taking someone you care about dearly for granted, and then you realize you have run out of time and it is too late. The lyrics and instrumental clash in an ironic way, the song being very bright and peppy but the lyrics being melancholy.

Red Shakes is an England-based artist, and despite sounding like a band, he is a solo artist. Sam Da Silva is the man behind the music, and he released his first EP in 2021. Red Shakes cites some of his influences as The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Libertines, and The Kooks. As the talented performer he is, Sam has been touring throughout 2022. His songs have even been played by the world-renowned British news station Radio BBC.

Written By Emma Kimberli



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