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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Boyfriend" - Anna-Sophie

“Boyfriend” is Anna-Sophie’s latest single. The piece focuses on independence, growth, and the strength it takes to gain them. Though it begins in heartbreak and dependence, her tone quickly changes in the chorus, “I can be my own boyfriend” Anna-Sophie sings. The song reflects the stages of grief, settling on acceptance, and even positivity coming from the breakup. She finds herself, and that person is incredibly capable and self-sufficient. The use of the specific word “boyfriend” is especially important, being a title that holds very strict requirements. She doesn’t say “I can love myself”, “I can be my best friend”, these are titles that can be found elsewhere and that she can actually hold. By using “boyfriend” she expresses that even these seemingly impossible to fulfill roles can be met by herself.

The song begins with an electric catchy beat that will remain replaying in your head long after the piece has ended. Anna-Sophie begins singing quickly after this introduction, starting low physically and mentally. Her voice seems saddened and raspy, not something seen later in the song where she sings with such noticeable passion. Here, though, it works to set the scene of heartbreak. The music increases its pace around her story, gaining more confidence with each note. The chorus chimes in with great lines such as “I’ve got two arms they can hold me” that offer their own motivation even beyond the storyline. She goes from feeling hopeless, to being enough for herself, to the final stance of the song in which she feels she’s an even better boyfriend.

Anna-Sophie is an Austria based artist who has semi-recently been launched into public view. Three years ago, she released “Cambodia”, a single again focused on the story of a relationship, and it was an instant hit. Since its release, her Spotify listeners have increased by the millions with her most popular works holding over 2 and 5 million respectively. In Austria, she’s achieved the status of making a “Top Ten” hit on multiple occasions and across the world these hits have been featured on several popular Spotify made playlists. Her popularity among live performances is also incredibly impressive, appearing at the Sziget Festival in 2022 and sharing an audience with Justin Bieber and Dua Lipa. Follow her below to track upcoming tours and releases.

Written By Hailey Schap



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