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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "boys who go to therapy" - PENNY X

This song, “boys who go to therapy” by PENNY X, is a fun and upbeat song all about feeling attracted and drawn to guys who don’t hide their more vulnerable side. With almost tongue in cheek lyrics like “you seem a little bit broken, and baby I’m hopin, that I can be the one to change it all” and “I don’t only want your body, so tell me ‘bout your problems”, PENNY X lightheartedly counteracts the idea that guys are supposed to be tough and can never talk about their issues in a relationship or in life. I personally think a lot of girls can relate to this song. After getting frustrated by guys who are so emotionally closed off, it’s a refreshing change to find one who’s open and more in touch with their own feelings. And it’s songs like these, however fun they are, that can start to change the assumption that all women want stereotypically strong, emotionless men. The real world is a lot more complicated than that!

“Boys who go to therapy” is a bright, upbeat song that capitalizes on electronic beats and energetic vocals to create a fun, feel good song. Starting off with an echoing rendition of the chorus, the song grabs you immediately before bouncing right into the catchy first verse. At a condensed two and a half minutes, this song gets to the point pretty quickly, with a straight line to the chorus, next verse, and chorus again before reaching a height with the bridge and echoing back out to finish it off. And this length makes the song even more addictive, as you never feel like you’ve gotten enough and have to hit replay! Overall, this song perfectly captures that 2000s nostalgia, instantly bringing to mind a coming of age movie or a rom-com that everyone adores. It’s perfect for girls night or just for yourself, and I know I’m going to be adding it to my playlist immediately!

PENNY X is an up and coming pop artist who’s based in Berlin. An independent singer who states that writing songs is one of her coping mechanisms, PENNY X likes to explore different ideas in her music, from fun topics like what she finds attractive in guys to more emotional topics like moving on after a relationship ended disastrously. Her sound can be compared to other famous pop artists such as Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift, which is evident in the way she both experiments with beats and focuses on making meaningful lyrics. She released her first single, “faster”, in 2022, and has since released more than five other singles as well as a full length EP entitled how (not) to get over your ex. Use the links below to listen to more of her music and follow along in her musical journey!!

Written By Morgan Fischer



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