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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "BRB" - Joselin

Being in a long-distance relationship poses a challenge. The main difficulty with these types of relationships is the infrequency of meeting each other and the inconvenience of dealing with arguments or breakups over the phone. Not physically being around each other makes it harder to deal with issues that arise. In her song "BRB," Joselin talks about her experience of a long-distance breakup and how it was challenging for her to end it over the phone. She also mentions the denial and expectation of her ex returning soon, only to realize that it doesn't always work that way.

BRB” serves as a therapeutic song not only for Joselin but also for her audience. In the song, she expresses the pain of an unexpected breakup with someone who used to be her daily source of motivation. He was her motivation to get up and out of bed every morning. By losing this person, she started to go back in the opposite direction. She shares, “I guess this is how I made the bed. Now you’re gone, I’ll stay in it forever.” Joseline was in denial and hoped that her ex would return quickly, but he did not. She was hoping for this breakup to not last as long as it was going on for, and because it was, she struggled with these new and rough feelings that she disliked. Joselin's lyrics show her denial and longing for her ex when she says, "Cuz in another life, somewhere in my head we said BRB instead." It can be tempting to hold on to the hope that your person will come right back to you quickly, but this mindset can be detrimental to one's mental health. You’re putting yourself in a position to feel angry and stressed if they still have not returned, or they’re taking “too long”, etc. Instead, it’s healthier to let go and move on. As everyone has gone through a breakup, Joselin's listeners can empathize with her feelings and relate to the pain of a sudden separation, especially a long-distance one.

Joselin is a 21 year-old singer and songwriter from Sweden who spent a lot of her time growing up in the U.S. and Asia. She was part of a jazz band in high school in Malaysia before attending the Lillehammer Institute of Music Production and Industries in Norway a year later. Joselin then spent a year working on music production with world-class mentors in a room that she had rented out. In 2021, she studied music at Linnaeus University in Växjö, Sweden, and in 2022, she participated in the popular Swedish reality competition show "Idol," where she received a golden ticket after performing her original song "If I Had a Weapon." She can be seen in three episodes! Keep up with Joselin by clicking on the links below and check out her latest single "BRB," which is out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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