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  • Giselle Morales

Review: "Break It Too" - David Tucker

David Tucker, Break It Too, Cover Art

If there were a perfect song to describe a situationship, it would be David Tucker’s latest single “Break It Too.” The song is about being with someone who you realize is not as emotionally invested as you are. The lyrics, “Yeah we fell apart and the hardest part is you were worth falling for // And I’d love to know how’d you get so close and not want something more,” accurately capture the heartache and disappointment of getting close to someone who had no intention of taking things to the next step. Yet, the song is also about self-worth and knowing when to set boundaries. Between the deeply relatable lyrics and the catchy melody, “Break It Too” is a definite pop country hit.

This song is one I’m sure that many can relate to. Tucker’s ability to write lyrics that are raw, reflective, and deeply personal remind me of fellow pop country artists Keith Urban and Hunter Hayes. Being vulnerable can be difficult, but in “Break It Too," Tucker really left it all on the table and it paid off. Sonically, the track leans ever slightly into the pop category, but the song’s electrifying guitar that soars throughout adds the country flare that Tucker has become known for. Overall, the artist’s infectious hooks and innate ability to connect with his audience through relatable life experiences, prove to be a winning combination.

Pop country singer David Tucker has overcome a lot in his life and has found success and peace on the other side. The Kentucky native spent his early years playing several instruments and performing with his parents and siblings, delivering messages of faith ー a concept that Tucker carries with him to this day. After moving to Nashville in 2017, Tucker began the grind of a budding musician, welding Music City skyscrapers during the day and playing honky-tonks at night. Tucker also worked as a co-writer and producer, making him a jack of all trades. With a few singles and music videos under his belt, the artist began catching the attention of many notable media outlets including CMT, Vevo, and American Songwriter. His catchy, pop country sound and heartfelt songwriting have left people wanting to hear more. Tucker’s latest single “Break It Too” is now available on all music streaming platforms.

Written By Giselle Morales



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