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  • Joselyn Jimenez

Review: "Breaking My Own Heart" - Bunny Alex

Bunny Alex Breaking My Own Heart Cover Art

“Breaking My Own Heart” is a summer daydream of self-discovery and realization. This upbeat whimsical song ushers in summer vibes from the perspective of self-awareness of sabotaging behaviors. Summer is all about fresh starts and shedding the old to make way for the new, so what better way than with a song about the journey from self-sabotage to self-love? In “Breaking My Own Heart” Bunny Alex is analyzing a series of habits that have not been constructive to growth and are overwhelming through lyrics “I’ve been chasing these highs up on a tightrope, I’ve been balancing fine but lately I can’t cope.” A theme I think we can all relate to. Sometimes the familiar, no matter how it makes you feel, is more comfortable than just moving on, with lyrics “sometimes it’s tiring and sometimes it’s time to let it die,” Bunny Alex is calling recognition to the fact that those habits are just not working and it’s time to do something that feels right for yourself.  

Bunny Alex’s “Breaking My Own Heart” is whimsical and uplifting, sounding as if it came off an original soundtrack for “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.” The indie-pop song is a blend of soft vocals and a gentle thrumming beat that melt into each other seamlessly and come back together like waves. The song balances the emotional struggle of holding yourself together and realizing that the methods may not be constructive for you. Despite the topic of self-sabotage, the song is framed from a gentle, nurturing, and forgiving perspective. There is so much self-awareness behind the composition of this song and the lyrical play with the beat conveys this message of being honest with ourselves when our habits are really just harming ourselves.

Bunny Alex is a United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter who debuted her single “Habits” in July of 2023. She has released three singles since her debut, each a different stroke of pastel daydream. There is a sunny disposition that shines through in her songs despite themes like self-sabotage, which provide hope and genuine warmth to her songs. Influenced by artists like Taylor Swift, MUNA, and The Japanese House, Bunny Alex’s soft vocals and whimsical melodies exist in the realms of indie-pop. In an article with The PunkHead, Bunny Alex says that like most musicians, she just wants to make music for as long as possible, using it as a way to understand the world around her and share her point of view with listeners. Bunny Alex reminds me of artist Sarah Kinsley with their dive into issues of the mind and heart through a self-aware perspective. Check out more of Bunny Alex’s music below.

Written By Joselyn Jimenez



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