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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Breakup Honeymoon" - Jasi Bella

Jasi Bella is an alt. pop singer-songwriter from Sweden. She has gained lots of recognition for her previous single "Claim Me" where she displayed her talents as a musician and songwriter. In her new song, "Breakup Honeymoon", Jasi brings all this talent and energy making it an empowering and electrifying track. In the song Jasi writes about all the elements that come with a toxic relationship and the breakup that eventually ensues. Jasi also goes into the happiness and "honeymoon" period that comes following a much needed breakup. Jasi empowers listeners through showing the confidence one can gain from ending a toxic relationship and situation. This is the perfect song to blast fresh off a breakup.

"Breakup Honeymoon", does an extraordinary job at applying modern music style to the style of early 2000's pop music. She is able to capture this y2k sound while also modernizing it and putting her own spin on it. What makes it truly unique is the perspective and vocal styling she brings to the track. The track also does a great job at capturing the empowerment of women, and the confidence that comes with taking action in your life, and ending toxic situations. "Breakup Honeymoon" sounds like the perfect song to blast in the car with all your girlfriends, on a hot summer day.

Just a little over seven years ago, Jasi moved to London in order to pursue her dreams of being a musician. When first settled in London Jasi worked on her songwriting and collaborations until she was ready to full come out as an artist. She would prove successful from her single "Claim Me" which garnered lots of attention and recognition from the press and social media. The song was even supported by BBC Radio! Jasi shows her talent and love for music on the track, "Breakup Honeymoon", just as she did in her previous single "Claim Me".

Written By Alison Holst


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