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  • Hailey Schap

Review: "Breathe" - Anna-Sophie

“Breathe” is Anna-Sophie’s latest release, it’s a pop love song that manages to maintain the light tone expected from its title while still surprising the audience with darker subject matter. It’s not a love story, it's a song about the emotion itself, particularly its intensity with certain people. The way in which you fall first, enjoying the adrenaline of the drop and then the realization as it goes further and further that you may not make it back. A sense of suffocation is clearly a prevalent theme in the song, often used to describe a fear of commitment is this sense of being trapped, but here, Anna-Sophie turns the metaphor into a sense of being suffocated by the passion of the relationship, the overwhelming love for this person not a lack thereof.

The song begins with an electric beat, Anna-Sophie’s voice joining it early on. Her voice has a slight raspiness that makes it naturally sound suited to the more serious themes she writes of. She follows the original beat for only a moment before the music slows and she begins singing of the first spark of these emotions. Where one would normally state “falling in love” she says “falling apart”, an expression of how these emotions can feel in the moment, as if they are literally tearing you apart, and how they can affect you in the long run. After this line, the music picks up and the chorus begins. Here, Anna-Sophie screams the lyrics as if she truly hasn’t been able to breathe. This makes for an incredible listen as well as a show of her vocal ability. She repeats it a few times, and on its last run slowly recites the lyrics at the start, as if truly asking the audience “How am I supposed to breathe?”

Anna-Sophie is a pop artist currently based in St. Gallen, Switzerland. She grew up in the countryside where she learned how to control and manage her voice, singing like a professional as a young child. She’s been a prominent name in the industry since she was discovered by the Global Rockstar team in 2019. Shortly after this, in 2020, would be her first release “Bad Habits”, which introduced her audience to the edgy love song she’s so known for today. In the three years following, Anna-Sophie released sixteen singles, her most popular of these having gained millions of streams on Spotify. Now, she holds tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and has “Breathe” set to be another hit. Stream it and follow Anna-Sophie below.

Written By Hailey Schap



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