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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Brunette With Baggage" - Sophia Gripari

It’s so satisfying to turn someone’s toxic words against them. In Sophia Gripari’s new single ‘Brunette With Baggage’, she does just that. It’s based off a comment that her ex made after she broke up with him, guessing that “he had a type, emotionally unavailable brunettes with baggage.” Gripari transformed the hurt she felt into an unapologetic anthem where she both takes ownership of her baggage and calls out her ex for contributing to it. It’s a massive encouragement for you to take your worth back from those who were only in it for themselves. It's time to let them know how broken they made you feel!

Gripari’s heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics are evident from the first verse alone. “I know I wasn’t perfect, but you said broken was just your type; til you couldn’t take the pieces and make them fit how you like.” They pack a serious punch! Driven by electric guitar, Gripari’s stellar voice is beautifully soft-spoken in the verses. She quickly gains strength in the chorus, with synths and drums helping to amplify her energy. What I love most about this song is how Gripari flips back and forth between the thoughts in her head and the actions of her ex. She’s not afraid to reveal her deepest wounds, and she also uses an irresistible, pop-rock feel to help her heal from them. Using your pain to your advantage. That’s a commanding statement!

Born in London and now based in LA, independent pop artist Sophia Gripari has organically earned more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify in 2020 alone. She grew up playing various instruments and later developed a passion for electronic music. Both of those elements are ever-present in her work today. Now being featured on MTV and Jam in the Van, she’s demonstrated professionalism and authenticity from the very start. Her singles like ‘Brunette With Baggage’ showcase this incredibly well. Her most popular song ‘Hate You but I Don’t’ is another excellent example of her powerful lyricism. Go give her a follow and check it out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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