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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "Bunny" - Erica Manzoli

Bunny by Erica Manzoli cover art

Erica Manzoli has just released her second single of 2024, “Bunny”! The heartfelt track’s title references the pet name Erica and her boyfriend call each other. She describes all the nuisances of her relationship she enjoys; her nicknames, the playlists he’s made her, the songs he sings out of tune to her, and all of the sweet words he shares. But, she tells him “don’t you go waste your breath” because she only needs to hear one thing to make everything okay: bunny. In the second version, she admits that they fight and argue sometimes, but  “there’s one word that always pacifies.” Erica shared on her Instagram that “Bunny” is the first love song she’s ever released, and it’s definitely a powerful debut.

“Bunny” is a synth lover's wonderland. This song, which is her exit out of her sad girl era, features layers upon layers of beautiful synths that create this unique soundscape. Her vocals immediately stand out to me: they are crisp yet a bit raspy, but it is so comforting. However, my most favorite part of the song are the background vocals. They are light, airy, and are so angelic. The drum beat drives the song, and is that classic drum beat that you hear in a lot of love songs in 6/8 time. In general, this song perfectly aligns with the sentimental lyrics Erica wrote. And in my opinion, there is no better description of this song than a long, warm hug.

Erica Manzoli is a 22 year old singer, songwriter, and musician from South East London. She attended the prestigious BRIT School, a performing and creative arts school in England. After graduating from BRIT, she began playing piano, writing songs, and traveling across Europe to collaborate with various musicians. Once the pandemic hit, she looked inward and rebuilt the way she wrote songs, composing each note and lyric with purpose. Her debut EP, “I’m Okay, I Promise”, was released in 2022, gained much attention and landed her on Spotify and Apple Music playlists such as New Music Friday, New Music Daily, Fresh Finds, New Pop, In My Room, and Life Sucks. The same year, Erica provided backing vocals to Cian DuCrot's smash hit, “I’ll Be Waiting”, which currently boasts 185 million streams on Spotify alone. Erica has also been dipping her toes into live performance, selling out her debut London headline show. It’s clear that Erica’s singing and songwriting talents will continue to impress audiences for many years to come.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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