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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Burden" - Ella Lombardi

Everyone tends to overthink, but it leads to unnecessary and dramatic thoughts that do nothing but cause stress. Ella Lombardi's "Burden" reflects on her believing that she is always going to become a burden in her relationships, whether they’re romantic or platonic. She constantly overanalyzes her significance to others and convinces herself that they will eventually grow tired of her and end their relationship. This pattern of behavior is not only common in Ella, but in many others as well. However, this habit is detrimental because it involves scrutinizing every little detail of your interactions with others and constantly observing their actions towards you to see if they’ve outgrown you yet. It’s both exhausting and unhealthy. Due to this habit being very common, many of Ella's listeners may identify with this song and situation, as it is relatable.

As soon as the song starts, the guitar, along with Ella's soothing and angelic vocals, creates a sad tone that reflects the mood of the song. Ella begins by singing about how relationships nowadays tend to be short-lived, either based on personal experience or by seeing it happen to those around her. She repeatedly plays this scenario in her head until she starts to believe that it will happen to her too. She thinks that her relationships won't last long, and it’ll be because she will become a burden to them, causing them to eventually grow tired of her. She says that when this eventually happens, she’ll only be left with memories (“Leave me like nobody knows it. All that's left are your drawings on my arm”). Ella believes that because she will be abandoned too quickly (“Stranded in silence”) she feels like love will not be given a chance (“Said you hate love but you haven't tried it. These days never make it that far”). In the bridge, Ella says, “Thought that I had moved on, but I spoke too soon. My importance leaves you with the moon”). She worries that once the relationship ends, her significance will disappear, and they will forget all about her and what they had experienced together. She thinks that her importance will be so long gone that it's as far away as the moon is. In the outro, we hear glass shattering. This was used to signify either the damage that Ella is doing to herself mentally, or her heartbreak when her relationships end and how it feels to be immediately forgotten about.

Ella Lombardi is an independent 17-year old singer and songwriter based in Southern California. She began writing original songs during the pandemic. Her songs tend to revolve around the heartbreak that she has experienced in her teenage years, and trying to navigate her emotions since they’re so new to her. She currently works part-time at a local boutique in order to fund her music. She also attends local open-mic nights in order to both promote her songs, and become more comfortable with performing live! It's obvious that she’s a hard worker and has an incredible work ethic with trying to write songs consistently, perform, work, and attend school all at once, but it’s definitely worth it for her if people around the world are loving and relating to the songs that she loves to create. Check out Ella Lombardi’s newest single “Burden” out now on streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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