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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Buried Alive" - Sophia Alexa

“Buried Alive” beautifully conveys the feeling of not wanting to let go of something– whether that be a physical object, memory or emotion. Sophia Alexa describes how when people attach to things, it’s more than being just them being materialistic. In truth, it’s about wanting to have some sort of permanence in their lives. She sings, “Holding my past until I fall” showing that sometimes we would rather be hurt by holding onto our past than just letting go of it. Ultimately, we are just trying to fill some void or emotion with objects or memories, but we have to learn to let go of it and live our life.

Sophia sings with very impressive vocals, showing off her skill by singing in a higher range of notes all the while keeping an airy, light, and delicate tone. Combined with the support of piano, “Buried Alive” becomes a masterful indie-pop ballad. The best part of this song is the expertly created bridge. The bass and piano cut out leaving exposed vocals to create a pause in the musical flow. It gives a chance for listeners to really hear and understand the new lyrics that are being sung. “What if time just passes by and/ What if life’s not what I want it”, the lyrics in the bridge go into the real fear that people have– that life won’t go the way they want, so it’s better to hold onto the past where they know it’s safe. These lyrics introduce the deeper meaning of “Buried Alive”, showing that it’s our fear we are hoarding in these material objects, and we have to let go of both.

Sophia Alexa grew up writing poetry, playing guitar and songwriting. Her inspiration came from a lot of classic singers like Stevie Nicks and Neil Young, and they helped influence her style to be a mix of folk, pop, and soulful elements. Sophia recently released an EP, titled Groundwork, where “Buried Alive” is a featured song. Her EP represents herself as an artist and the journey she has made to get to where she is now. Her vulnerable, honest and meaningful lyrics makes her music relatable for everyone to listen to. This rising indie-pop star is not one to forget, make sure to keep an eye out for more great hits by Sophia Alexa!

Written By Emily Hancock



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