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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "Burn Out" - Bree Rusev

Bree Rusev has created a soft and soulful song to fill these last weeks of summer. The chorus: "What's yet to come for us? We smile for a while, then we burn out", strikes hard. Bree is able to lead us through a lifetime of experiences within relationships. Telling about love and how fast love can really "Burn Out". Learning from past relationships that have burned out fast, she shows growth from those that have burned out faster than others. This song really questions the longevity of a relationship and how long you can smile through it until it inevitably burns out.

This song has a touch of folk with a modern twist. Leading in with an acoustic strum, we are greeted with Brees' controlled waterfall of words. Her breathy and calculated sound makes for a beautifully balanced and simply delightful song. Bree has wonderful storytelling skills, following with her voice in a graceful manner, making for an engaging song. Finding notes to linger on, you find yourself also engaged with the folk beat ebbing and flowing in the background. The melody closes out with an instrumental silence and a sharp focus on Brees’ haunting closing note, which makes you think about her song even more.

Bree Rusev is a young yet talented artist from Newcastle, Australia. She is just breaking into the Australian folk-rock sphere. Bree has already taken the stage with multiple other artists, where she is able to showcase her talents. She dazzles fans with not only her beautiful and breathy vocals but also her driven messages. She won first place in the International Songwriting Competition and was able to employ her knowledge of mental health awareness into her writing. Follow Bree below to see what she will tackle next in her young and bright career, also be sure to stream “Burn Out” now!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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