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  • Camden Luca

Review: "But I Do" - Issa Raye

Issa Raye But I Do Cover Art

Issa Raye is cooking up quite the dish with her latest single, and the recipe goes a little something like this. Take a cup of funk and disco, add a spoonful of honest lyrics, mix everything into a polished pop production, and you have yourself “But I Do” by Issa Raye. Throughout the song, Issa describes somebody who she’s having mixed feelIngs for. The hook explains her feelings perfectly; “Something about the way we move, it’s true baby, it’s true baby. Don’t want you but I do baby, I do baby”. These lyrics are quite reflective of how certain relationships can develop. You may notice chemistry between you and your partner, but you two haven’t quite fallen in love yet. In this scenario, it sounds like someone has reeled Issa in and she can’t help but dance along to their groove. “Big runner with the talk trynna please me, gotta love it when you make it look easy, and I don’t even try”. No matter who you are, somebody probably comes to mind when you listen to this jammer.

With an upbeat tempo and a strong bass, “But I Do” has disco written all over it. Strings have a strong presence in the instrumental, predominately in staccato form. The overall production is smooth like butter, reminiscent of something you’d hear from Dua Lipa. The song is very radio-friendly, with no explicit content and a happy vibe. You shouldn’t have any problem playing this at one of your next events. But the best quality about this song? It has gender-neutral lyrics. With no “he” or “she” attached, anyone can sing this song to anyone. Everything about ”But I Do” makes it a primary candidate for your summertime playlist.

Issa Raye is no stranger to the disco scene. She’s released a handful of tunes that all bring off the same, upbeat vibe. “Expectations”, released in 2023, contains similar lyrics and a slightly faster tempo than “But I Do”. “Beautiful Mess” is somewhat softer than her other projects but will still manage to get you out onto the dance floor. Disco was far and away the most popular music genre in the late 1970’s. Artists like The Bee Gees were dominating the charts until eventual protests by rock fans derailed the genre in 1979. But disco has seen quite the revival in recent years. Dua Lipa is a prime example of an artist who has taken this genre and catapulted it back into the mainstream. There’s no doubt Issa Raye has helped contribute to this growing trend and it’s safe to say the best has yet to come for this talented artist.

Written By Camden Luca


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