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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "BY NOW" - RABEA

Do you ever find yourself reminiscing on a past relationship that just felt too good to be real? Sometimes when we lose something so amazing with someone, it's hard to find anything like it with anyone else. Your standards are high because of the experiences you've had, and nothing else can compare to that feeling you once knew. It takes everything in you not to pick up the phone just to hear your past love's voice again. It can be bittersweet because you are glad you were able to have something so special, but it hurts that even after a longtime, you haven't been able to find anything better. This is the feeling that RABEA touches on in her new single, "BY NOW".

"BY NOW" is an emotional, cenematic experience that takes on a journey to a dreamy, ethereal, spiritual type of place. A cellist first and foremost, RABEA orchestrates a soundscape that will have you lost within each second of this song. With high reverb, synthesized harmonies, and lyrics that tug at your heart strings, "BY NOW" is a perfect song to listen to if you need a good cry; and you don't have to be sad. The beauty of the instrumentation in this song is enough to bring a happy tear to your eye. RABEA's stunning and soft vocals ring through the melodic stratosphere of this perfectly crafted masterpiece. It's almost like you can, literally, feel the sounds flowing through your soul.

RABEA is a European cellist and alt-pop artist from a small village in Germany. The cello was her natural calling, but she decided to take her music to a whole new level. Infusing classical features with modern alternative pop, meaningful lyrics and electronic production, RABEA has discovered a whole new wonderland of experimental sounds and euphoric melodies. She has created a style that is uniquely hers, and that everyone is bound to relate to and fall in love with. If you enjoyed "BY NOW", make sure to check out her other recent single, "Kingdom".

Written By Kaitlyn Nicole



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