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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "California Dreamin'" - theoneDNA

Ahh, the California dream. The state where everyone there is known for saying, “Dream big, anything can happen here.” Anything, huh? What about a relationship where you’re deeply in love with someone, but there’s a bump in the road that's blocking the relationship from pursuing into something much larger, and making it the real deal? theoneDNA’s, “California Dreamin’”, is a song that revolves around this issue, but he makes it very clear that he's willing to put in the effort and make it work for the person he loves. These two being together physically would be his dream come true. But right now, it seems like it isn’t working out due to a factor that isn’t specified in the song. However, he makes it very clear that he’s committed to this person and has high hopes for it working out in the end due to the effort he’s putting into it. You’ll always be willing to make things work for the right person, and that's just who the type of person theoneDNA is.

In this pop-rock hit, you can catch the drums and piano. You can also catch how theoneDNA has fallen in love in a way that he’s never been before, to the point where he’d be lost without the person he’s craving to be with. He says, “If I can’t have you, then I really don’t know what I would do” and then adds that he's not confused about how he feels about this person because its “been years since I've loved like how I do.” Either there's a big distance that's keeping them apart, meaning that they’re in a long-distance relationship and aren’t sure if it's going to work out, or it could be numerous other problems that's keeping them from physically seeing each other. We know that they’re not physically together, but are still in love and want each other because he admits that he’s been “fantasizing” about their romance. He visualizes them, “Cruising down the highway, going on our perfect date”, and then afterwards says, “I want us to be real.” He wanted that fantasy to be real and he's committed to making that happen! Although things seem to be difficult right now, he does show that he's going to put in the effort for them to see and be with each other. A few examples are when he expresses himself saying, “I’m tired of the wishful thinking, I want us to make it real”, “I’m not confused”, and, “Committed to making it last.”

theoneDNA is a singer and songwriter that was born Australia, but is based in Orange County, California. He uses his music as a platform to honor and acknowledge inclusion, authenticity and to break down barriers as an AAPI+ artist. Ontop of this, you might have seen him on Season 2 of the Vietnamese singing competition show, “VSTAR” where he was placed in the Top 27, as well as being featured in the magazine/media company, VoyageLA. He also has a couple of other songs released, such as “Kiss Me Again” and “Boy I Got U on My Mind.” Make sure to follow theoneDNA on his musical journey with the links below, and check out his latest single, “California Dreamin’”' out now on all streaming platforms!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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