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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Call Me Yours" - Lillian Hepler

Lillian Hepler does not hold back in her infectious hit single, “Call Me Yours”. Through her bold lyrics, she calls out a noncommittal partner that continuously keeps her on the hook. While the subject reaps all the benefits of a relationship, they refuse to make it official. Hepler lets out her justifiable rage and pain through the brutally honest lyrics.  In the chorus, she sings the clever hook: “Call me yours or don’t fucking call me at all.” After describing the insistent hesitation to commit within her partner, Hepler gives them an ultimatum—either finally lock down their relationship and become exclusive or she will walk away for good. Her decision to stand up for herself is an inspiring message to young listeners everywhere experiencing similar disrespect. In the modern age of dating, it is a common phenomenon to be stuck in this purgatory of a relationship— one that Hepler addresses head-on. With “Call Me Yours”, the singer releases her honest emotions while giving her listeners a relatable track to lean on while battling their own hardships. The powerful ballad has already proven its magnitude, garnering over 28.2K creates on TikTok and over 1.1 million views on this video alone. Although every release of Hepler’s has showcased her innate talent, “Call Me Yours” may be the song that finally blows her up into well-deserved stardom.

“Call Me Yours” is an emotional pop ballad containing a dreamy soundscape and powerful vocals. The song kicks off with an airy synth wave that is instantly met with Hepler’s mesmerizing vocals. Throughout the first verse, the production maintains this subtle instrumentation with a soft vocal reverb, allowing the listener to home in on the vulnerable lyrics. The chorus is signified by a brief production pause, followed by a keyboard that utilizes volume swells to emulate the beat. The track maintains a steady pace as Hepler's passionate vocals emphasize her complex emotions– from anger and resentment to hurt and regret. The song continues into the second verse, where a delicate piano is introduced, increasing the emotional aspect of the track. In the last line of the second verse, Hepler's voice is harmonized with choral-like background vocals, embodying a positive support system, before the song bursts into the chorus. The first four lines utilize the initial instrumentation with a new addition of clap-beats. Then, the full production with the piano and an infectious drumbeat provide the emotional climax of the track. The dynamic soundscape shifts one last time for the outro, as Hepler runs through the chorus with only her voice and the soft piano. The never-ending changes in the production of "Call Me Yours" symbolizes the emotional rollercoaster the singer experienced, bringing to life the insightful lyrics and showcasing her undeniable talent.

Lillian Hepler is a pop singer-songwriter from Utah, now based in Los Angeles. From a young age, she knew it was her dream to be a performer. At age 13, she began uploading covers, and at age 15, she began writing original songs. After a collection of singles and the release of her debut EP, Ghosts, Hepler began to blow up on the music scene. In 2020, her single, “Nightmare” garnered massive attention with over 14 million streams. Then, the following year she released her hit track, “Easy”, which has earned over 15 million streams. Through her music, she shares her personal experiences while providing a cathartic soundtrack for audiences to resonate with. With over 2 million followers on TikTok alone, Hepler has built herself a loyal fanbase that anticipates each one of her outstanding releases. Follow her on all socials to keep up with any new announcements!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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