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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Can I Get Your Number?" - Coco Bevan

“Can I Get Your Number” is a hypnotic and vibrant jam, seductive and confident in all the right places. Setting the scene in a bass-bumping club, the song captures the intoxicating energy of an instant connection on a night out. After rising quickly on the scene due to her massive star energy and TikTok presence, Coco is determined to create a new sound that merges her two passions, singing and mixing a sick beat. She’s seen many instant connections from her time at the DJ deck and draws upon those experiences to generate a soundscape that immerses the listeners in the mystery suitor and the exhilarating time spent together in the dark shade of the club.

While the concept of this song was conceived much earlier, Coco’s fans clamored for its release after she shared sneak peeks. Invigorated by their response, Coco polished the piece to perfection, creating a perfect soundtrack that draws upon a booming bass and emotional synths that flow like the flurry of emotions a new crush leaves you with. The ever-present percussion accentuates the endless loop and safety that the night offers you, a mystery and confidence that’s killed in the sunlight yet bolstered in the moonlight. The catchy chorus once again calls to the song and dance that a spark creates, a push and pull that may burn into an ember or just end up burning out. But there’s nothing to do but try, so Coco confidently asks “Can I get your number?”

This track was a worldwide collaboration with LA-based producers Sons of Sonix, a UK-based songwriter Cece Sutton, and a Sydney-based artist Coco Bevan. Spending four months touring Europe, working on a wide variety of new releases with various songwriters and producers, and performing various DJ gigs, Coco is beginning a new era in her life. But perhaps the biggest opportunity of all is attending the prestigious Tomorrowland DJ Academy in Belgium. This pop princess mixed with a house junkie is finally starting to make waves, and Coco welcomes them to her curated chaos of love, heartbreak, manifesting, wild nights, and everything in between.

Written By Megan Cao


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