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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "can't end what never was" - Izzy Potter

Pop newcomer Izzy Potter just released her newest single "can't end what never was." The indie rock and pop influenced track is fitting for those who love artists like Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers. The punchy track came after the end of a 'situationship' that Potter was in. Her poignant lyricism tackles feelings of confusion, longing, regret, and hurt. When you are with a person, but not truly in a defined relationship, it can be complicated to sort through those feelings and move on from it. Potter chronicles this journey in a high-energy song that anyone can find catharsis in blasting and singing.

Based on her situationship that ended, "can't end what never was" is a guitar-driven indie pop anthem about breaking up with someone that you never technically dated in the first place. Potter expresses these feelings with lyrics like "What am I supposed to say / Dread the question every day" and "How do I explain this 'cause / You can't end what never really was." She opens up about her feelings of loneliness and constantly thinking about this person, even though she has tried to move on from them. The authentic lyric "Had a toothbrush at your place / I wanted to go with grace" encapsulates the feeling of leaving and letting go of this person being harder than Potter had anticipated.

Nashville-based singer and songwriter Izzy Potter has been writing songs since she was 12 years old. She has crafted a deeply personal, relatable, storytelling style of lyricism. With ties to both New York and Nashville, she can be found playing shows in a variety of venues, from Bowery Ballroom NYC to Cafe Coco Nashville. She continues to develop her musical abilities through studying Songwriting at Belmont University. If you enjoyed "can't end what never was," you can keep up with all the latest information on Izzy Potter and her music through following the links to her social media platforms down below.




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