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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Can't Stop" - Liloe Rix

“Can’t Stop” is a motivational anthem to remind all those listening to conquer the world and to never doubt your own potential. Sometimes, we’re faced with challenges that keep us down, in a dark place where we have little hope of getting out ourselves. But Rix reminds us that others, herself included, have trudged out of this hole. Rix’s inspirational narrative reminds us that as long as we get ourselves started, nothing can stop us from facing our problems head-on. Rix’s own vulnerability towards her troubles and insecurities reminds us that we are not alone in our woes, and together, we can find the strength to rely on each other and become motivated.

With strong vocals and an upbeat background, Rix’s soundscapes are beautifully managed to complement one another. Most notably, her matter-of-fact manner of singing paints the facts clear as day for listeners, reminding them that all hope is not lost and that strength is cultivated with the people around us. Rix spins a beautiful narrative that matches the song’s own gentle climb up toward the climax, Rix’s gentle yet firm voice belting out how “You can’t stop me”. The song’s polished sound is expertly crafted to highlight the strengths of the music and vocals, with different elements blending together seamlessly, creating a cohesive and dynamic soundscape that’s both immersive and engaging.

Liloe Rix is an advocate for mental health, seeking to expose her own insecurities with exceptionally intimate songs that play on her honest songwriting and warm sounds. Influenced by Maggie Rogers, Jade Bird, and HAIM, her talented guitar playing is the perfect background as she probes to find her own limits as a young adult looking to make a mark on the world. After releasing previous singles “Let Go”, “The Limit”, and “Wander”, “Can’t Stop” is her fourth release from her first EP “Imperfections”, which will be coming soon in May 2023.

Written By Megan Cao


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