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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Captain Tory" - FINICK

“Captain Tory” chronicles the adventurous downfall of a pirate through an old friend’s perspective. It is easy to remember Captain Tory with a certain fondness you’ve scarcely felt before. Long before the legacy of gold and fame, you knew her for who she once was. A clumsy yet affectionate friendship blossomed from a chance encounter. Her soul was something you could admire and hoped to always rely on. However, as the years passed and life’s woes consumed her, she began to change. Each new title and opportunity to become familiar with her sword started to define her. The overwhelming ambition left a sour taste in your mouth as you no longer recognized her. She never imagined her life would become so tumultuous and self-important. It seemed so easy yet so heartbreaking for her life to crumble around her. She never cemented herself beyond what she accomplished in the moment, and now her legacy is shattered. Every fight she fought and victory she claimed will be remembered only by song.

“Captain Tory” is an uplifting indie folk anthem that utilizes various types of folk music and writing styles to be crafted. One of the joys of folk music is its ability to curate a story that could be easily sung around a fire with friends. This single pulls aspects from multiple folk variations to form this feeling. Multiple stringed instruments come together and blend in a manner that makes them the only instruments for the majority of the song. These instruments are spread across different folk types and most closely reflect sea shanties of old and new. The story represents a tale of a fallen friendship and a lesson to be learned. As the whimsical nature of an indie and sea shanty pour through the speakers, this tale grows into a cautionary one. Each element highlights the various folk types and curates a feel-good experience.

FINICK is a singer-songwriter from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are currently in their junior year of highschool and have already established themselves in the industry. They take emotions and experiences from their real life and craft unique narratives. Their favorite music inspirations are from artists such as Phoebe Bridgers and Florence + The Machine. They have performed at various venues such as Radio K Off The Record and PILLAR Forum in Minneapolis. In 2023, they were one of the young performers at the Winnipeg Folk Fest. They released their debut album in 2023 and are planning to start working on their second album this year. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Captain Tory” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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