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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Car Accident" - Jade LeMac

Jade LeMac has released perhaps one of the most heart-wrenching songs to have ever been written. “Car Accident” is a fictional story told between two different perspectives: the cheater and the cheated. The first verse and chorus are from the perspective of the one who was cheated on. She received a call from her partner where they stated that they were intoxicated and asked her to come over. When she gets to their house, the cheater confesses their infidelity. With a broken heart, she leaves the house only to drive fast and recklessly. The chorus ends with the lyrics, “and I’m screaming loud through the open night// It’s pitch black out, but I’m seeing white// I hear sirens in the distance// With regret of not existing.” These grim lyrics indicate that the emotional drive ended in devastating tragedy. When the second verse kicks off, the listener is introduced to the same story, but a different perspective. The cheater is now relaying their side of the story, from the moment they called up their partner. The lyrics in the second verse and chorus directly parallel the ones in the first, disclosing the cheater’s regret and sorrow. At the end of the second chorus, LeMac sings, “I was screaming when I got the call// Heartbeat stopped cause this is all my fault// I hear beeping in the background// With regret of letting you down.” These dual perspectives provide a unique insight on the chilling story, and highlights LeMac’s impressive songwriting. Not once does she utter the song’s title in the song, yet the audience knows exactly what has occurred. She paints such a vivid storyline that the listener cannot help but shed tears as they absorb the narrative. “Car Accident” is an exceptional track that deserves to become a number one hit and added to everyone’s melancholy playlists.

True to the storyline, “Car Accident” consists of an ethereal production that complements the song flawlessly. The track opens with a unique synth melody that propels the listener into the story. After a few measures, LeMac’s angelic vocals begin and the emotional story takes off. The synth production continues, with an added soft drum beat. This evokes a feeling of anticipation within the listener as they await the plot twist in the storyline. Towards the end of the verse, a soothing electric guitar is added, providing a new dynamic to the track. The transition from the verse to the chorus is led by LeMac’s vocals, while the production briefly mutes, pulling focus on the heart-wrenching lyrics. The song remains steady paced, enhancing the emotional atmosphere. Paired with the somber lyrics and LeMac’s passionate vocals, the production throughout the entire track carries the weight of the grief felt by both perspectives. “Car Accident” highlights LeMac’s innate talent through not only her ability to capture audiences with her unique songs, but her creative writing through fictional storytelling.

Jade LeMac is an 18-year-old singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist from Vancouver, Canada. She fell in love with music at a very young age when she began singing karaoke with her cousins. By the time she was in middle school, she was already writing her own songs. In 2020, she utilized TikTok to build her platform, garnering her over 1.2 million followers. She made her official debut in 2021 with her single, “Constellations.” Since then, she has released 4 additional singles, which are all featured on her recently released debut EP. The album shares the same name as her debut single, tying back all her previous releases to her current project. In addition to her musical achievements, LeMac is a proud member of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. In 2022, GLAAD recognized her in their list of “10 LGBTQ Women in Music to Listen to this Pride Month” amongst big artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, girl in red, Betty Who, and more.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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