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  • Chelsea Luo

Review: "Caramel" - Dreaming Soda

Life sure is sweet, especially when you’re listening to Dreaming Soda’s flavorful debut song “Caramel.” With nostalgic pop sounds mixed with groovy synth sounds, the end result is an altogether unique production. If happiness was a song, it would be “Caramel.” If the flavors of a cake were a song, it would be "Caramel." There is something original and exciting about the nature of the tasteful track that Dreaming Soda has baked for us.

With lyrics about the sweetness of sugar and delightful flavors of caramel, you can almost taste the colorful details of the song. The voiceover from a child remarking “it tastes very nice and sweet” provides a nostalgic touch, reminding you of the euphoria you once experienced as a child, indulging in the sweetness of your favorite treat for the first time. It reminds you of the times you baked cookies with your parents. The smell wafting through the kitchen. The excitement of the first bite. For those who are past childhood, the song can be perceived as a flirtatious back-and-forth expressed through baking analogies. The hook is especially captivating, describing how “you got me caramelized in your caramel eyes.” The song also talks about “trying it before biting it,” and the artist admits, “I like you, but it’s way too soon.” This creative approach makes the song even more original and fun.

Dreaming Soda is a rising musical duo consisting of Ella Sterland and Renee Stein, who describe themselves as chaos-pop artists who create music about “all those niche memories from growing up just before the internet.” Adding specific analogies to their music, from a biscuit tin filled with sewing threads to scabbing at recess for canteen cash, the duo pays tribute to little moments from their childhood that they hope can resonate with the collective. Their colorful approach to music and unique lyrical melodies are sure to set them up for success. Listen to “Caramel” out now!

Written By Chelsea Luo



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