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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Care For" - Ozz Gold

Ozz Gold brings tropical house back this summer with his new track "Care For." It feels club ready, and it deserves to be danced to. The track evokes images of smoke and laser beams at an all out rave. It's all about the feeling of being loved, and to show that love to someone else. Love is something that everyone deserves and looks for in this life. It's an infectious feeling, and one that we need more of in this world today.

The track is very EDM focused. It feels atmospheric, bringing in the sounds of tropical house. Gold's production mixes atmospheric synths, heavy bass, bright sounding drum pads, and uplifting piano chords. The vocal on the track has an autotune on it that is almost glitched out. The lyrics delve into the fundamental human emotion of feeling loved, and wanting to show that love to someone else, "I wanna love you baby // I need someone to care for // I wanna love you." This person is completely infatuated with this person, that their body is reacting to them out of love and adrenaline, "My heart is racing, tonight // And I start feeling." The track is ready to fill a huge space. It wants to feel the energy bouncing off members of the crowd. It was made for dancing.

Ozz Gold is a producer and DJ based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Gold previously graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point as a pilot. Gold's career plans shifted once he moved to Vegas, and has been uplifting audiences since. "Care For" is Gold's third release of 2022. It follows "Unknown" from April, and "Rest of Me" from May. With "Care For," Gold has solidified his place in the tropical and progressive house scene as one to keep an eye on.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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