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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Caroline" - Fritz Hager

Alt pop songwriter and American Idol star, Fritz Hager, starts 2023 off with a catchy new single called "Caroline." "Caroline" is a quirky, comical song about a one-night-stand gone wrong. Hager spins a fictitious story in this single, creating a sitcom-esque drama centered around the one-night-stand. In the song and video, the main male character forgets the name of his acquaintance and is confronted by the "morning after." During this, he tries to discern if he is experiencing apathetic amnesia or a less-than-humorous nightmare.

"Caroline" is full of alt pop attitude and memorable melodies. The single features fun guitar licks, irresistible pop beats, and comical lyrics, creating an entertaining addition to our current state of music. Between the guitars and Hager's fiery vocals, this song is a lovely mix of alt pop and indie rock. The lyrics alone are hilarious, but are complimented with a captivating music video. Hager sings, "Going out with you on Monday/I'll take you to my favorite café/Coffee on the counter and they're/Calling out your name/

And they say Caroline/I can't believe I guessed it right," as the main male character falls to the floor in relief that he got her name right. The video is filled with hysterical moments like this, sure to put a smile on anyone's face. Paired with this cheeky music video, "Caroline" is a light-hearted indie masterpiece.

Fritz Hager is a self-defined "indie guy," spanning genres from rock to pop to punk and whatever Matt Healy is considered. Hager attributes his love for music to his Texan upbringing. He grew up as a typical preacher's child and participated in his church's choir. Through his church choir experiences, Hager developed his ear and voice, later picking up his first guitar in sixth grade and beginning to write music. During the Covid-19 pandemic, he was faced with the choice to either abandon his career aspirations or indulge them. Hager chose the latter and auditioned for Season 20 of American Idol, becoming a fan and judge favorite. He peaked in the Top 5 on the show and songs from his debut EP topped the iTunes charts while he competed. Independent by nature, the self-titled project was completely crowd-funded. This success was quickly followed by Hager's single, "Hearts Align," reaching #5 on the alternative charts. Since his time on American Idol, Hager has taken to the road, supporting acts like Maddie Poppe and Leah Marlene. He has also been devoting time to the studio, writing and recording new music that we can all look forward to hearing.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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