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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "casamigos" - Virginia To Vegas

Virginia To Vegas’ “casamigos” tells the story of a night out that we’ve all lived before. Two souls who went out to be invisible feel seen by one another and find comrade within small talk and big shots at the barstools. When the drinks start flowing and the music is blaring, you become unsure if it's the tequila making you hot or if it’s the coquettish glances exchanged with a stranger who feels like home for a moment. The music blurs, and the background fades, and what’s left is two strangers with nothing to lose; two shot glasses and two people who don’t mind being used for the evening. Maybe it’s the Casamigos, and maybe it’s the company, but it’s an indescribable intoxication. Let’s be drunk in love for the evening, and pray the lights never come on, and the hangover never hits.

“casamigos” is an infectious pop song that is sure to get you on your feet. Whether you’re at the club, or in your living room, the music flows through you like a chilled double-shot, and it requires no chaser. The lively tune and sensual lyrics combine like a delicious mixed drink, and it’s one we want to order over and over. Like all good nights and good stories, this song started with a bottle of Casamigos tequila, and the rest is history. The progression of “casamigos” mirrors a night out that only continues to get better. Unlike a sunrise to end a night on the town, we are transported to a bar, club, or dance-floor whenever we hit play, and this is one “casamigos” night we’re sure to remember.

Virginia To Vegas is one of Canada’s most promising global exports. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer who's talents were first discovered on YouTube. Widely known for his sticky pop choruses and electronic hooks, Virginia To Vegas is an international phenomenon. He has accumulated over 735 Million streams, and is a multi-platinum selling artist. While on a National headlining tour, VIIV continues to collaborate with today’s best songwriters and producers like Mike Wise, David Mescon, and Geoff Warburton. “casamigos” is the focus track from his latest album, “life gets interesting…,” and his work is sure to brighten your day like that first sip on a Friday at 5 o’clock. Virginia To Vegas… to the universe, and as we pour ourselves a glass of Casamigos, we hope he is the soundtrack to every night out and every morning after.

Written By Grace Chapman


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