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  • Willow Gray

Review: "Catch Me" - Glowstate

“Catch Me” is an infectiously catchy synth pop anthem that perfectly encapsulates the repetitive cycle of getting caught up in a bad relationship. When you first meet someone, it is easy to overlook the off-putting ways they may treat you. However as time goes on, you begin to notice some disheartening behaviors. You wonder why others seem to coast by in their relationships but you seem to latch onto someone who plays you cruelly. You know how much it hurts you and takes over your emotions, but you can’t break free from your feelings. Over time you understand how bad this cycle is of getting disrespected, but you always get caught in your feelings again. You know you’re falling for it again but you continue to get wrapped up in it.

Glowstate’s latest single is a soothing alternative pop synthesized anthem with an addictive vocal pairing. The first stand-out aspect of this song is how straightforward yet infectious the beat and instrumentation are. The male and female vocals are perfectly blended and compliment each other well. The vocals seemingly twist around each other so much that they blend especially when the male voice goes into a higher pitch. The synthesized, indie pop instrumental compliments the vocals well. The relatable and lowly nature of the lyrics offers a cool juxtaposition which makes an already candidly unique song just that much more of an ear candy anthem. An addictive atmosphere has been created from the intertwining vocals and instrumentation which are the cherry on top to the contemplative and mellow lyrics.

Glowstate is a newly formed alternative synth-pop duo based in San Diego, California. The talented pair have been creating music together for a long time and put love and time into each single they release. They have built and maintained a strong and lovingly dedicated fan-base through social media. Their music typically focuses on relevant issues such as mental health awareness and has established them as a relatable presence in music today. They regularly make posts showing them crafting their infectious alternative pop music and make it apparent how dedicated they are to their craft. They have over a thousand listeners across all music platforms and hundreds of plays on each of their singles. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “Catch Me” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray


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