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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Ceasefire" - Mykyl

The world feels like it's ending. The state of the world is a mess with war poverty and pain at every corner. Sometimes amid everything it may feel like you are at war with your loved ones or even yourself. When the world is so chaotic it's important to keep your loved ones close. Those that mean the most to you can’t be left behind because of the drama of the world. It's time we all came together and called a ceasefire. Held each other close and reminded one another that life is worth fighting for. Mykyl is making the first call to drop arms with his track Ceasefire.

Ceasefire is a power ballad meant as a commentary on the state of the world. How often warfare is chosen over peace and community? With the world in the state, it is many people choose to remove personal connections in the interest of their pride. The track is emotional and climactic with a strong build. It begins simple, with gentle vocals and poignant lyrics. As the song progresses more instrumentation is added. The production becomes fuller and towards the final bridge, the track explodes into a cinematic finish. Incorporating all the powerful elements that were gradually added in the beginning. This slow build is reminiscent of a mushroom cloud. The shape of the track is long and slowly builds on itself before capping over and showing the rawest parts of itself. It's very telling considering the subject matter of the track. We build ourselves up to be in intense situations and instead of mellowing out we explode. This is why we call for a ceasefire. We call for the world to choose peace every time.

Mykyl is a relatively new artist. Though he is a talented singer-songwriter he only began his journey in 2020. He decided to drop out of school and move to Las Vegas to pursue the internship that would start it all. He learned a lot about himself and the music industry during that time. He began writing and producing music just during the pandemic. Though he began a few short years ago his talent cannot be ignored. His music is a raw representation of his emotions and he shows them well. His vocal capabilities are top notch and he is a true pop star.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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