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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Changed" - Mary Ella Hunt

"Changed" by Mary Ella Hunt is a deeply personal song that is both vulnerable and honest. These aspects make it feel as though listeners have gotten a peek into Hunt's diary. In taking a glimpse into the mind of Hunt, listeners are shown how insightful and reflective she is. Her insight comes through in the song as she shares a story and her feelings toward a particular person. This person is revealed to have done wrong to her and has qualities that make them unsuitable to remain in her life. Despite this, Hunt expresses a hope that this person will be able to change for their own good, whether they are in her life or not. With this, it feels like Hunt is reflecting on this person and receiving closure.

The song's slow nature and soft vocals establish the essence that Mary Ella Hunt creates. These elements also help to develop the theme of the song which is change. The simple guitar that opens the song creates a sentimental and honest tone, which are aspects that will remain consistent throughout the song. As the song progresses, an excellent harmony accompanies Mary Ella's voice, creating a beautiful sound. At the end of the song, the piano becomes the focal instrument, rather than the guitar, which helps to close out the song and leave an emotional ending.

Mary Ella Hunt is a vivid storyteller who translates this ability into her lyrics. Her abilities are apparent in both singles she's released, including "Changed" and "Need a Minute". Not only do her lyrics hold heavy and vulnerable emotions, but so do the melodies that accompany them. The melodies of her songs beautifully match the emotions and experiences of the story she is trying to tell.

Written By Alison Holst



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